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  • What I like and don't like of the shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuum cleaner

    Recently many friends of mine have been talking about the Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean vacuum cleaner. Since my old vacuum cleaner is no longer in good shape, I'd been planning to buy a new one. So I ordered one shark apex uplight vacuum cleaner. After using this new shark vacuum for two months, I discovered some pros and cons that I would like to share the information with everyone who wants to get this model.

    the pros

    • Work well with hardwood floors and carpets: What I like most about the shark apex vacuum cleaner is it works great on both hardwood floors and carpets. The suction power is impressive. The duo clean technology is efficient. This shark vacuum cleaner can collect chunky debris and fine debris on both surfaces in just one or two strokes.
    • Long power cord: Some people think power cords are cons, but for me, a power cord is needed to make sure suction power is good all the time. The shark apex uplight corded lift away has a 30 feet long power cord, making the machine travel around the house easier.
    • Easy to empty: The dust canister of the shark uplight vacuum can open at the bottom, so the emptying process is convenient and comfortable. I really like this feature.
    • Flexible but stable: Most stick vacuums can't stand on their own because they need to keep the swivel head flexible. But the shark apex uplight vacuum has a cool stand system that will stick out when you put it in an upright position. I find this detail very handy because I'm not afraid of the vacuum falling and breaking if there's any moment I'm a bit careless.
    • Headlight: My eyesight is not good when the sun is down, so the headlight is a big help to see where is clean and where is not.
    • Not noisy: The shark uplight vacuum may not be one of the quietest vacuum cleaners out there, but the noise it makes is not irritating.


    And the cons

    • Suction is not adjustable: The shark apex duoclean vacuum does have impressive suction power, but it's not adjustable. In short, there's only one suction mode, so I have to pay attention when cleaning delicate things with this vacuum cleaner.
    • Weird power button position: I must say the shark uplight vacuum has the weirdest power button position. They placed it on the bottom of the handle. So it's very easy to accidentally touch the button and turn on/off the machine. My husband, whose hand is big, finds this detail very annoying.
    • Small dust canister: I think for a corded vacuum, the dust canister of the Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean should be a little bigger. Because cleaning time is not limited by battery life, it would help if we don't have to pause to empty the trash.
    • Awkward lift-away position: In general, I'm pretty pleased with the lift-away mode. But to be honest, the shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean has an awkward lift-away position compared to other models. This is just my personal judgement. Other people may find this factor is not a big deal.


    My conclusion

    Those are things I like and don't like about the shark apex uplight duoclean. Overall, I think it's still a vacuum cleaner that's worth buying. I hope you can understand the product better by reading my Shark apex uplight review . And I think you will find the shark apex uplight vacuum is a good choice for your household.