Do you know which Diamond company in India contributes the most to enhancing women’s beauty?

  • A woman always wants to look beautiful, it is the first desire of ladies. It has been seen in women that most of the women like to wear jewelry to look beautiful, or their desire to wear jewelery is helped by the best company of India,

    Wearing jewelery in India has been the first choice of women since ancient times, most of the Indian ladies wear attractive jewelry in any festival, wedding or any program and this jewelery enhances her beauty even more.

    In India, all types of jewelry are wears such as gold, silver, and diamond, it is the first choice of women. We are talking about Diamond in this article, because Diamond is the most expensive.

    Let's see which is the top diamond company in India and what type of jewelry they make.

    Ranking Top 10 Diamond Manufacturing Companies in India (Based on their Annual Turnover)

    (1) Titan Company - This is the first company in India whose annual turnover is around 152,210, and it makes so attractive diomand jewelry.

    (2) Rajesh Exports Ltd- is the second company their yearly turnover around 18,300.

    (3) Vaibhav Global - third diomond company and their annual turnover around 13,527.

    (4) Fourth is one of the most famous famous Kalyan Jeweler , defenitely you are familier with their brand name, and their annual turnover around 7,303.

    (5) Asian Star Company is the 5th leading Diamond company in India Annual turnover around 1.436,

    (6) Goldiam Inter renowned diamond company in India, annual turnover around 1,330,

    (7) Thangamayil- Diamond manufacturers in India, and their annual turnover around 1,993,

    (8) Renaissance- is one of the famous manufacture in India, and yearly turnover around 1,993,

    (9) PC Jewelers - I think every one family with PC jewellers, and their annual turnover around 1,144,

    (10) Tribhovandas- is popular diamond company, since 1984 and yearly turnover around 562 ,

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