Hilfe bei einer neuen PC-Monitor-Entscheidung

  • With my now old-fashioned but very reliable Asus desktop monitor (4: 3 - screen length 45cm x height 41cm) and now stars (probably pixel damage) when looking at a black image on the screen, it is time I got up to date and have a 16: 9 monitor.

    My problem, however, is that here in the UK there is likely a choice between PC World or Amazon. However, PC World stores are closed so I can't look and compare and then discuss it with a seller, while Amazon just aggregates all the reviews and no matter which monitor I look on, as is normal, there are negative reviews. (Sound / Bleed ?? / Screen etc - often I have no idea what they're talking about, but I just know it's negative). I am pretty confused.

    All I want is a monitor that will fit a desktop PC with Windows 10. I want it with speakers built in - less clutter. I've been retired a long time, so not work related. I don't play games or watch a movie about it. Mostly used for photo and video editing. PTE. I'm probably sitting about two feet from the screen. Those who have probably been looked at in the 100-200 pound range so far.

    I would therefore be happy to receive tips, comments or suggestions. What shall I look for? Doesn't it matter if the monitor has been out for a few years? Just everything or I'll really see stars.

  • Also habe einen Acer von der Modellreihe B24 gibt es günstige neue als auch sehr günstige alte. Sind immer mit Lautsprecher, aber man kann davon nicht viel erwarten. Lieber ein externes Soundsystem, dran

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