Beat: PERINO & Eyngii - Eines Tages

  • Amazing beat!
    I barely speak German so I'll do it in English. I'm from the Netherlands and I used this beat for a song very close to my heart. I wrote it for a friend of mine who lost a family member in a suicide (which is not something I address publicly in the track or description!). At first I didn't plan on releasing it, but I decided to do so in the end. I put your names as prod. credit & obviously won't use it for profit. Hope that's okay.

    Here's the thing, I haven't been actively promoting music for quite a while and my views dropped from at least 1K-25K to about 200 views, and since this is a very special song for me & even more so for her & her mother, I'm hoping to at least get it heard by more people, so if anyone here reads this & can help out by sharing it, even if it's in Dutch, it would be greatly appreciated.

    heres an english translation btw (which doesn't do it justice)

    dreams during they, cause life is hard
    after a while, dreams take too long
    and if you wait, there'll be a wall between the other (real) side
    until it burns from the fire (passion) in the eyes of your flame (crush)
    there'll be a hole, extinguished by the tears from her cheek
    realize, that after to day I cant just go to sleep
    and leave her all alone, cause in my dreams I hold her
    what if, she feels alone, while I've been thinking about her often
    fuck, she's long had a place in my heart
    so so what, if in the end it isn't picture perfect
    it's cowardly, to not give something from yourself (take a risk)
    when the things she brought, while stick with you your whole life
    it's more than pity, I wanna share in those times
    no longer side by side until our roads part
    so she knows what she means for the emptiness on my road
    and when I'm searching for a reason to fight, than she's there

    that's everything I think of today
    this is a wake up call given by life
    it's never too late to care about someone else
    this is my chance to break down walls
    and this is everything I hoped for
    this is an eternal flame (inspiration)
    this is respect, love wrapped in faith
    cause I know if she can do it, than I can do it to

    I saw a tear and a smile
    saw death and the meaning of life in one day
    so I shed a tear and I smile
    saw the hope in her eyes and understood there lies her power
    so bye dreams and daydreams
    I awake suddenly and it was neccesary
    they say it's often the small things that matter
    but they start out small and get bigger like a rolling (snow)ball
    for you it's so small that you dont notice it
    but sometimes 1 match is enough for a forrest fire
    starting from the place where the spark lands
    burning on my lips to finally tell you how proud I am of you
    youre my motivation to be open
    to not let you stand on your own, but take part in your actions
    if youre still standing here after everything, than what reason do I have
    not to continue fighting and surrender to hardships
    no, thats the respect you earned that day
    hope is life, so as long as you fight, I'm not tired of fighting
    thanks, for everything ahead you gave enough
    so I'm not looking searching, I now have a good reason

  • First, my english ist ver bad, sorry for that.
    But thank you very much for this message and lyrics. This language is so niice!! :-)) I've never heart this language on a beat of mine (and Eyngii)


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